Farmers Liability covers for an occurrence arising from farming operations.  It covers for claims against loss to property of others, bodily injury of others.  This may be caused by the use of unregistered vehicles, farm machinery, the escape of fire, straying stock or property in physical or legal control.

A policy sub limit/extension is often provided for property in physical or legal control, which includes property not owned by you but is left in your care that has been damaged due to your negligence.

The farmers liability can include Optional Extensions to cover home stay or farm hosting, occasional farm based contracting (limited) and Moral Obligation.

  • It has been shown that collisions involving cars and livestock cost an average of $3,000 or more it is a larger animal. If broken or inadequate fences, open or unsecured gates are the reason for the escaped animal it could be the owner that is responsible for the bill, and if the collision causes permanent disability or death  to   a person, the cost to the uninsured farmer could reach into the millions.
  • Ensure all animals are tagged so they can’t be blamed for the escape and incident of another animal

For more information on your farms Liability exposure contact Dunk Insurance or download a policy wording from forms.

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