What is Construction Insurance?

Construction Insurance can be split into two types of cover. Firstly it is designed to cover the equipment and material’s used in constructing a building, and secondly to cover Third Party Liability for risks you may be exposed to during the construction stage.

When should I get Construction Insurance?

The policy should be put in place prior to any activity on the site in respect to single contracts. Policies can also be taken out on an annual basis.

Do I need construction insurance?

It would be recommended that you have a construction policy in place if you are building your own home and have entered into an owner’s builder contract. It is also recommended to have this insurance if you are a licensed builder who is providing homes on a contract basis.

The reason you should consider construction insurance is to protect yourself from losses arising from Damage, Fire, Storm, Malicious Damage, Theft and also any Liability cases arising from the construction site.

Where can I get construction insurance?

Dunk Insurance can facilitate all of your single and annual construction needs using insurers such as QBE, Allianz, ARGIS, CGU and also Lumley’s.

For more information on the Exclusions and Additional Benefits of the policy contact Dunk today. Alternatively, you can learn more about this product by viewing the relevant PDS in the forms section of this website.

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