Your home is arguably your most valuable asset, something you have created for and with your family. It is important to consider what it would cost to replace your home in the event it was a total loss, allowing for cleaning up costs and taking into consideration where you are located as well as the other physical structures such as tennis courts, swimming pools, garden sheds, paths, antennas and fences that you have.

We can tailor policies to cover your Home which not only includes your house structure but also things like your built in baths, windows, doors, your garage/garden sheds etc. Click here to get an estimated figure of how much to insure your Building for.

When including Contents cover to your policy it is hard to decide on an amount to protect your belongings for. Call DUNK Insurance today to discuss what items fall under the description of ‘Home Contents’. When deciding on the value of your contents, try our contents calculator to give you a guide.

There are many variations of Home & Contents policies available in the market today, including Accidental Damage & Listed Events options, as well as Excess variation options. To discuss how these factors can alter the cost & scope of your cover, give DUNK Insurance a call today.

Your Valuables or Personal Effects cover works hand-in-hand with your Contents Insurance. Items that are designed to be carried or worn should be treated as valuables.

For example: Jewellery, hearing aids & glasses. Some Home Contents policies automatically cover Valuables at no extra cost, where others require you to nominate the items & values which may incur an extra premium. The extent & cost of cover depends on the Insurer you choose. So call DUNK Insurance today and find out how to have your Valuables & Contents covered Australia wide.


Do you have a rental property?
Have you found a specialist landlords cover?

We have expert advisors on Landlords insurance covers. We can guide you through the many features available.

  • Loss of Rent
  • Rent Default
  • Landlords Liability
  • Malicious Damage by Tenants

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